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People living with a mental illness

People living with a mental illness

Mental illness can affect anyone at any time. Difficulties may be short term following a personal trauma or crisis, or longer term needing more specialist help and support Download Information

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People that require tracheotomy care

People that require tracheotomy care

A Tracheotomy is fitted to assist breathing when the upper airway is obstructed for whatever reason

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People with sensory impairment

People with sensory impairment

Unlike physical disabilities, sensory impairments can be hard to detect. A sensory impairment can be anything that affects the five main senses; however, the most common are hearing and visual impairments.

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People living with dementia

People living with dementia

There are about 750,000 people in the UK with dementia and this is expected to double over the next 40 years. It's more likely to affect people over 65, but can affect younger people

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People living with physical disabilities

People living with physical disabilities

There are over 10 million people in the UK with a long term, impairment or disability. The most common disabilities are those that affect how you move, including how you lift and carry things.

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Elderly people

Elderly people

Elderly people About 3.5 million older people (65+) live alone.

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Mrs. Jacqueline Foreman
Wii care Ltd have become loyal friends.and have given me back a life .I receive excellent personal care which includes a shower, hair drying and mascara application I have multiple sclerosis and my hands shake so I cant do these things.I have 3 (messy) teenage boys and a hard working husband and now with Wii care Ltd I can come home to a clean house with laundry done .
Sometimes I can request to have the dinner with potatoes peeled…this another thing I cant do.

Having my care package also means I can attend hospital appointments,therapy and
Shopping without my husband taking time off work.

I am 46 with multiple sclerosis and would love to be independent. Wii care Ltd have helped me feel normal again..
Margaret Gannuszko
My name is John and I am married to Margaret. We live in New Barn Kent. In
September 2010 Margaret was involved in a road accident and was air lifted to
Romford hospital. She was diagnosed with very serious brain injury and doctors said
there was little chance of her surviving.Fortunately for Margaret, our family and I, after about ten days in intensive care,
during which time she a major operation on her skull, Margaret started to breathe on
her own accord. She was then transferred to a high dependency unit where she began
to recover very slowly. After about eight weeks she had recovered enough for her to
be transferred to Sevenoaks rehabilitation unit then a further ten weeks to Gravesham
rehabilitation unit. In mid June 2011 Margaret was thought well enough to go home.At this time and is still the case she is able talk, read and write although her
concentration can be very poor. Her ability to walk without assistance is very limited
and her left arm and hand have very little use. Margaret needs help going to toilet,
bathing, dressing and with cutting up her food.

I am at full time work, so before Margaret came home I started to look for carers.
This was not an easy task, as you hear all sorts of stories on bad practices that go on
and to pick the right company is really pot luck. I was let down a couple of times until
a came across a new company call “Wii Care”.

Margaret and I had a meeting with the company where they explain to me what the
company is all about and what they could do for Margaret. Both Margaret and I where
very impressed and decided to give “Wii Care” a try.

since working with Wiicare we have never looked back.
They have exceeded all Margaret’s and mine expectations. The carers work in a
professional manner, are reliable and very friendly. Due to my work pattern, one of
my main concerns apart from the care of Margaret was that they would be flexible in
when I required a carer. This they have done which takes a lot of pressure off me.
Margaret enjoys the carers company, as they go beyond the basic care. They help her
with her exercises, take her for walks, play scrabble and have a good natter.

Margaret and I rate the services of “Wii Care” as excellent and would recommend
them to others that are looking for a reliable company.

Ada smith
I have had WiiCare as my care agency for a while now and I’m already feeling much “at home” with
them.The carer’s are very well trained, both in the care of the patient and in his/her general wellbeing and
all care is carried out efficiently. I am able to have reasonable flexibility in the timing of my routines.My Carer finds time to listen and to give kindly advice and thus enables me to move forward and
make plans for interests and activities, which at 93 years are essential to ones wellbeing.

Miles Gallant
Mrs Garrett(Wiicare Employee) has been providing care and, more recently, companionship for my elderlymother – an Alzheimer’s sufferer – since 2010.During which time she has repeatedly

demonstrated her good humour, competence and compassion.

In addition to the practical skills necessary to provide companionship to an elderly, infirm

person, Mrs Garrett has a seemingly infinite capacity for the patience and intuition so vital

in providing stimulating, constructive companionship to someone suffering from dementia.

Such is the regard in which I and my family hold Mrs Garrett that we have been prepared

to change care agencies in the past to ensure continuity of her services.

For most of the time that my mother has been a client, Mrs Garrett has visited her at home

and provided support with meals, witnessing medication, outings and shopping trips and

general companionship. Now that residential care has become necessary, Gene continues

to visit – providing continued friendship (which is the key word here), as well as attending

to any more detailed, day to day matters that may arise.

In conclusion, my sister and I are delighted to commend Mrs Garrett’s services to anyone.
George Blackmore
“Dear WiiCare, Its with thanks and gratitude i write this testimonial. Previously i was aware of the loneliness of not seeing, or speaking to others for days at a time. That has now changed and it is a tribute to the kindness and care of your staff that visit me and the response to my request for local shopping trips. This helps tremendously. I thanks everyone at WiiCare and would recommend them to anyone!Yours sincerely,Mr. G.W.Blackmore
Jean Skinner
“Dear Neil and Wiicare Carers,When my Mum (Jean Skinner) came out of hospital she had
3 weeks of care at home from a local care company that on the whole was OK – but I didn’t think that the company was very well managed and time keeping wasn’t their strong point. We needed to find someone to continue the care morning and evening – and with the help of a friend we found Wiicare and Gene!
I wanted to find Mum someone she could trust and feel happy with – I did.WIICARE!!! When Mum and I met Neil (the company owner) we found an enthusiastic and committed person. He wanted to help not only us but wanted to change the way care profession works and provide a standard of care that the client would be 100% happy and secure with. He wants Wiicare to be an example of what a care company should be – and I think he is well on the way to achieving his dream. Well done Neil.
I would like to say that Wiicare carers were extremely helpful, punctual, caring, friendly and professional in the care of my Mum. Not looking at the clock while caring. During the last 10 days of Mum’s life I also had so much support from everyone at Wiicare – they gave so much more and went the extra mile.Thank you so much Neil, Gene, Chelsea, Harriet and Keeley you were brilliant.

Jill Boyden
Mrs Jean Vince
I am writing in appreciaton for the kind helpful care i recieve from my weekly carer,to help me bath.
She has attended me for the last 6 to 8 months,and i look forward to her visits,also to drive me to the Dentists,Dr's or other appointments.
I look upon her as a friend.
I cannot praise the help you give me enough,and would willingly reccommed you to others.

Yours Faithfully
J Vince
Patricia Thompson
I am very satisfield with the care i am recieving.
The young care workers are very kind and gentle,they always have a cheeky smile and chat about what is going on.
They are punctual and always give an idea of when their next visit is.

Patricia Thompson
Mr G Blackmore
Weekly i spend many hours alone,never seeing and speaking to neigbours or anyone else with the exeception of my Daughter who i do see from time to time.
You will understand why i value the visits of your staff. This after a very active and much travelled working life accentriates the difference in my lifestyle.
Yours Sincerely

G W Blackmore
Mr Weatherley
I would like you to pass my thanks and gratitude onto the young lady that tended to my late wife. They treated her with care and dignity which made what could have been humiliating and embarrassing for a once very independent proud lady. They made life much easier for me in her final days and hours.

Once again very many thanks.

Yours gratefully

Mr Weatherley